What We Do

“I feel safe leaving my children with you. I can see how kind and patient your staff are with the kids. You never make me feel like my children are a burden for you.” 

During School Holidays:

During all the school holidays we take our children on exciting trips, including to ice-skating and adventure parks. We start the summer with four weeks of sports, arts and healthy-eating activities. Then we go on holiday to PGL in the Isle of Wight to enjoy adventure sports such as kayaking and abseiling. In the October half-term our children spend a week on a farm in Wales, looking after baby chicks, picking potatoes and going on beautiful coastal walks, among many other activities.

“I had the best time of my life at PGL. My favourite thing was when we went Kayaking, I was splashing so much! I felt sad when it was time to go home.”
Kelly, 9

During Term time:

We deliver after-school sports clubs to help keep our children fit and healthy. On Wednesdays and Saturdays we organise trips that range from local museums to Brighton! In addition, we provide a room called ‘The Den’ available to a primary school in central London. The Den is a safe place where children can go when they are upset and share their feelings with a caring adult.

Special projects:

Kids Cook The World: In 2012 we published our very own cookbook, Kids Cook the World. Our children were the stars of the book. They took part in book signings throughout London. Gordon Ramsay and Marco Pierre White were two of the high-profile chefs who endorsed Kids Cook the World.

As well as the projects above, we like to give our children amazing opportunities otherwise inaccessible to them. For example, in 2012 The Ivy Restaurant’s head chef, Gary Lee, gave us a tour. The amazing ingredients, hard-working people in the kitchen, huge walk-in fridges and frantic pace captivated the children. One of them, Andy (name changed), is now studying for GCSE Food Technology, making meals for his local children’s football team and his youth club.

Andy told us: ‘It all started with that tour we did of The Ivy. It was the best time ever. Gary gave me a signed copy of his menu and I still have it at home. When I see people enjoy the food that I cooked, it makes me feel happy.’ Andy joined us for our holiday in Wales in October 2016, during which he helped cook breakfast, lunch and dinner for 27 people every day for five days.

We want to give our children more out-of-the-ordinary experiences. We’ve learnt that what may seem an every-day experience to an adult can have a life-changing impact on a child. Our children can only aspire to become what they know exists – and many of them have had limited experiences. Small droplets of inspiration can become oceans of opportunity.

Befriending Programme: We are currently developing a befriending programme. Through this programme our most vulnerable children will have a mentor to take them out and share positive experiences with them.