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Volunteers are our lifeblood. We would be unable to help so many children without the generosity of people like you. From award winning photographers, to young people not in education or employment, we value people who give us the generous gift of their time. Many of them attend our in-house training and apply the concepts and practical advice in their work.


Zakiya has been with us for four years. We trust her a lot. So much that she was part of our team that took 20 children on holiday to PGL at the Isle of Wight.

“I never wanted to work with children. Filmmaking was my thing. But that changed when I started to volunteer for Solidarity Sports. I enjoyed being with the kids. When they are upset and you make them happy again, it makes you feel good. Working with all types of children means you have to learn to adapt. You can’t use the same approach with all the children. One day I’d like to work with children in other countries.

I’m more confident now. I learnt to communicate better and it has made me understand children more. My best memory was taking the children on holiday to the Isle of Wight. It was different to doing other projects because you are with them 24-7. It’s like you are their mum, dad, brother, sister, all rolled into one. It was a lot of responsibility and there were some difficult moments but I loved every minute. It was one of the best experiences of my life.”


Volunteering gives you an opportunity to make a difference to people’s lives in your community. You can use your skills and experience to help and enrich your community.

Improve job prospects and employability
Volunteering enhances your future employment prospects. It is especially useful when completing application forms and during job interviews to illustrate the skills you have developed through volunteering.

Volunteering gives you a chance to get experience in a field you would like to work in.

Many of the volunteer projects will include training, which will be useful both on the project and in later life.

Being a volunteer gives you the chance to meet people you might not normally come across.

Influence career choice
Volunteering gives you the opportunity to test out potential career choices.

Opportunity for development
Volunteering provides you with development opportunities that are not always possible with paid employment. It can help open up fresh opportunities and is a way to explore new career paths.

Builds links with organisations
Volunteering can help you build links with particular organisations like schools, colleges and community organisations.

Have fun!
Volunteering is fun and fulfilling, allowing you to experience many diverse opportunities not always available to you elsewhere.